General post-operative instructions:

Depending on the type and site of your surgery and anaesthetic, you may experience one or more of the following:

  • Pain: Pain may be experienced immediately post-op, or only after the local anaesthetic or block wears off which can take up to 24hours.  Please take the prescribed pain relieving medication prescribed for you on discharge.
  • Bleeding:  Some bleeding or ooze may come from your wound or operation site.  There is no need for alarm unless it persists or appears to increase.
  • Nausea:  Nausea is common after anaesthesia and whilst taking analgesia.  This is usually short in duration and if necessary take the anti-nausea medication prescribed for you on discharge.
  • Dizziness:  This is very common within the first 24hrs.  Move slowly and carefully.  Do not drive, operate hazardous machinery, make any important decisions, travel alone, engage in exercise or heavy work.
  • Sore Throat:  This is common after anaesthesia.  This will almost always resolve within 24 hours.

Mobility – Dr. Chang will give you clear instructions regarding any protective bracing or restriction in mobility post-op.  The hospital physiotherapist will ensure you have the appropriate mobility aide and are safe to go home.

Driving – Depending on your type and site of operation, you may be able to drive 24hrs after the anaesthetic.  Dr. Chang will give you the clearance to drive when appropriate.

Dressing – Please keep all dressings intact and dry until your post-operative review appointment.